Stalin’s 134th Birthday Celebrated in Pakistan

PRESS RELEASE: Despite all propaganda in Western media, Joseph Stalin is getting popularity outside Russia. From December 20 to 21, Stalin’s 134th birth anniversary was celebrated in Lahore and Karachi.

In Lahore the birthday was jointly organized by the “Stalin Society Pakistan” and CMKP. Dr. Najma Rehmani of Communist Party of India (Marxist) was the chief guest of the event. Dr. Taimur Rahman, Saad Ahmad, Imdad Qazi, Shaukat Ali Chaudhry, Mushtaq Chaudhry, Sabir Ali Haider, Irfan Ali and others addressed at the event. Saad Ahmed, President of the Society, in his address said that ‘Stalinism is the most effective weapon against fascism and terrorism and is equally applicable in Pakistani environment.’ He further said, the Society is not a political party but a research-oriented literary organization formed to refute biased interpretation of the legacy of the ‘hero of the second World War’ and the ‘grave-digger of the Nazi fascism’.

The Stalin Society Pakistan also organized similar celebration in Karachi where Mushtaq Ali Shan, Sajjad Zaheer, Ost Ali Jafri, Sheikh Majeed, Riaz Abbasi, Gul Rehman addressed to the audience. Mushtaq Ali Shan, the President of the Sindh Chapter of the Society, said, “Stalin was one of the most influential leaders of Bolshevik Revolution and his contributions can’t be erased from the history”.

In the celebrations, people from all walks of life, including teachers, students, trade union activists and lawyers, actively participated.

Stalin Society Pakistan

Stalin Society Pakistan

Stalin Society Pakistan

Stalin Society Pakistan


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