Bernard Shaw on Stalin

“Stalin is mischievously and dangerously underrated by us. At present we are either reviling him as a bloodstained monster whose sole occupation and delight is the shooting of his political opponents, or assuming that his diplomacy, like that of our own Foreign Office, is concerned solely with the ambitions, rivalries and cupidities of the seventeenth and eighteenth century dynasties…

… I am acutely aware of the risk of praising a statesman before he is dead; but the extent to which we are duping and doping ourselves by reckless abuse of Stalin … is too dangerous to be let pass.”

GEORGE BERNARD SHAW (1941), The Nobel Laureate.

Source: A Letter of Bernard Shaw appeared in New Statesman on May 31, 1941 as cited in “Shaw on Stalin” (a pamphlet), The Russia Today Society, London, June 1941.

shaw on st

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