About us

The Stalin Society Pakistan (StSP) is a an research & advocacy oriented organisation dedicated to the study of work by & on J. V. Stalin & his government with aim to refute anti-Stalin propaganda and revisionism. It is a forum of Pakistani Marxist-Leninists to preserve the universal legacy of Stalin.

The Stalin Society Pakistan is not a political party but an academic venture.

The mission (known as “5 Aims”) of the Society includes:-

  • Defending the legacy of Joseph Stalin and to disprove propaganda directed against him through advocacy, research & publications on the basis of historical & scientific facts.
  • Studying and conducting research on the works by & on Stalin and his legacy.
  • Defending all those historical personalities/events either acknowledged/praised/defended by Stalin himself or were influenced by Stalin’s ideology/actions as far as he/she/they is/are historically & scientifically correct/right.
  • Working for development of Theory of Marxism-Leninism.
  • Working over the relevance of ‘Stalinism’ (Marxism-Leninism, most precisely) to Pakistan, its people and socio-politico-economical environment and making this relevance more known.

The Stalin Society Pakistan is active both off-line and on-line. The Society is credited with holding the first ever Stalinist event (Stalin Mela 2013) in the history of Pakistan. Other than on-ground activities, the Stalin Society Pakistan is currently leading the discussion group “In Defense of Stalin” at facebook that has currently more than 2000 members across the world and is thus ‘the largest cyber group of Pro-Stalin people across the world’.

AoA – StSP

Stalin Society Pakistan

Stalin Society Pakistan

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