The Marxist-Leninist Internet Archives, hosted by StSP Library, contains important works, by and on Joseph Stalin and/or related to his era, collected from different sources for our readers and researchers:


Collected Works –

Stalin’s Works’ Contents Volumes 1-14

Stalin Collected Works (Volume 01)

Stalin Collected Works (Volume 02)

Stalin Collected Works (Volume 03)

Stalin Collected Works (Volume 04)

Few Important Writings –

Foundations of Leninism by STALIN (1924)

The Law of Value Under Socialism

Economic Problems of Socialism in USSR


A Short Biography of Stalin (1947)

Stalin’s Role in the Communist Victory in China (1954)

Fraud Famine and Fascism – Tottle (1987)

Another View of Stalin – Ludo Martens (1994)

Blackshirts and Reds – Michael Parenti (1997)


Soviet Democracy – Pat Sloan (1937)

Soviet Local Government – Don Brown (1945)


Trotskyite Centre CRIMINAL TRIAL (1937)

MOSCOW TRIALS (1936-1938):

August 19-24, 1936 – “Zinoviev-Kamenev Trial”

1936_Report of Court Proceedings_Trotskyite-Zinovievite Terrorist Centre

January 23-30, 1937 – “Pyatakov-Radek Trial”

1937_Report of the Court Proceedings Anti-Soviet Trotskyite Centre

March 2-13, 1938 – “Bukharin-Rykov Trial”

1938_Report of Court Proceedings_Anti-Soviet Bloc of Rights and Trotskyites


Marx aur Mashriq by Sibt-e-Hassan

The Class Structure of Pakistan by Dr. Taimur Rahman


Sibhdas Ghosh Collections for the StSP Library:

GREAT STALIN – A Reply to Anti-Communist Campaign (2014)

An Open Letter to Khrushchev et al. on 20th CPSU Congress (1961)

A Few Economic Problems (1962)


Books @ Subscription 

Access to following rare books is available at nominal price.

1) The Teachings of Lenin and Stalin – A. Y. Vyshinsky (1948)

2) On Organization – V. I. Lenin (undated)

3) Soviet Economy during the Second World War  – N. A. Voznesensky (1949)

4) Founding of the First International (Publisher: Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute, Moscow; 1935)

5) Bolsheviks under Illegality – S. I. Tehernomordik (1932)

6) The A to Z of the Soviet Union (Publisher: Russia Today Society; 1945)

7) Important Landmarks in the History of Bolshevism (Publisher: People’s Publishing House, Ltd., India; 1950)

8) Women & Communism: Selection from the writings of Marx, Engels, Lenin & Stalin (Publisher: L&W, London; 1951)


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