Our Projects

Left Progressive Review

The Stalin Society Pakistan publishes periodical in English with aim to provide Marxist-Leninist perspective of history, politics and other contemporary issues.

LPR Volume 1 Issue 1 (March, 2014)

LPR Volume 1 Issue 2 (December, 2014)

LPR Volume 2 Issue 1 (March, 2015)

LPR Volume 2 Issue 2 (December, 2015)

LPR Volume 3 Issue 1/2 (December, 2017)


StSP Centre for Collective Writings

The Centre is established to promote the progressive and unbiased writings. The Centre operates on the “S-D-G Methodology” of Project based assignments assigned to group of intellectuals and scholars, who may or may not be from one country, working on one topic.


In Defense of Stalin (IDS)

“In Defense of Stalin” is the world’s largest discussion group at any social media site being monitored by StSP’s Team & Sympathizers and has currently  +3000 members from almost every country of the globe thus making it ‘the largest cyber group of Pro-Stalin people across the world‘.


JVS Library – StSP

The Library, launched in December 2013,  aims to provide books to unprivileged literate people at no-profit-no-loss basis. Most of the e-books are available FREE of cost. The library also hosts newly formed the “Marxist-Leninist Internet Archives” (MLIA) for the readers around the world.


The Research Commune – StSP

Without research the promotion of education is fruitless. Unfortunately, most of the research papers and articles available over different popular publishing sites, journals and other sources charge heavy fee per download/per paper. To help unprivileged students in conducting high quality research, StSP has taken the revolutionary initiative of providing FREE Research Articles within 24 hours on non-commercial basis with an objective of “Free Dissemination of Knowledge”.   The Project was  launched in November, 2014.


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